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My choice cause of death is death by poetry slam<a class="thumb"

Hey guys, a lot of the time I don't get tag or comment notifications!! If you don't receive a reply my deviantArt probably just absorbed your comment, and if you tag me in something and I don't reply note it to me!

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Instagram: @/Amarulence.WoF

Writer, artist, WoF fan and petty as fuck <3

i like nonbinary+female people//nonbinary as fuck//gay for magi
Meadow, Galaxy, Foxx or Ember

Stamp: Apatheist by 8manderz8 Lesbian Stamp by sunbirds INFP: Healer by Kitsune-No-Hikari

If you ever hear an idea of mine that you would like to collab with me on- be it for an AU, a character, a story or something else- feel free to shoot me a note and we can discuss it!

I appreciate all llamas, faves, watches and comments, but I do not spam other's pages with thank-yous. Know I love you all and appreciate it!


Comment ur wof sonas i wanna fuse them with prose and/or vanilla mmm
[tw abuse/violence, panic attack, abusive/obsessive ex-lover]

“If my legacy is to throw myself in the path of a spear for your life, so be it.” Winter murmured, pacing. “If my life is to be yours—ours, even—so be it! If my end will come defending you, keeping you safe and alive, let it be. I’m living for you, Moon. You can’t leave me like this, can you? Can you?” His methodic march stilled. She saw right into his eyes, into his soul. Dread bean to rear its ugly head in the pits of her belly.(edited)
Deep breaths. One…Two…Three…Four… “Moon, my love, I’m waiting.” One step closer and the Dread began to gnaw as her insides tightened around it. Five…Six…Seven… “Just say that you love me, and I’m yours. I’d give my life for you, Moon. You’re my world.” Eight…Nine… Oh Gods, it was clawing at her stomach, Dread and Fear overtaking her racing heartbeat in a vociferous clamour of sound and feeling. “All our memories, Moon! I gave up my ranking, my family, my ancestry—my entire life in that writched kingdom for you! You’re my everything—you must be. Our talks, our walks. Classes together. We pranked Qibli—we went on walks late at night—I showed you the Great Ice Dragon constellation, remember? Remember the stars, Moon?” Ten. “Don’t they mean anything to you, Moon?” ragged, throaty, desperate cries. Her lust for another-- tans and golds and soft, sanded edges—overran her fear. He frightened her; that he knew—but he loved her, wasn’t that enough? The frantic authenticity of her thoughts nearly gave her whiplash as she struggled to slow them down. Everything was raw and exposed and in front of her. The only thing she couldn’t read from the depths of her own mind was love for the crumbling mind in front of her. Shaking her. Clawing her, throwing her. “Don’t I mean anything to you, Moonwatcher? Don’t I deserve your love, after all I gave up?” Claws, teeth. He had kissed her, and all she could taste was blood. Her blood. She couldn’t summon forgiveness for the shards of a soul littered around her; she was stepping in them now, blood pooling, rising, drowning her Dread and Fear with it. Gone. She was Gone.

I know ive posted this tto like two discord chats already and sent it to people its pretty bad oops kjdhbfvbks
written for a stupid romance prompt lol
wow haha im such a bad person i haven't drawn anything decent in weeks uh y'all im so sorry i should clarify all this
awful bad art block!!! ive been /trying/ to get over it w/ all the "methods" like doing big sketch pages and stuff but colours and designs and everything are completely ruining me atm and im just dead aha
ive tried to clear out my owed art recently and will being doing adopts to pay for the many refunds ive given, the last colour palette/custom i owe is mostly lined and i have colours for im just not able to design if that makes sense???
++ prolly landscape stuff and collab stuff soon; to the person i owe an animated icon to I am working on it but you're character isn't the easiest to simplify- I am trying to do the lines right now, though, but ive never animated before (esp. on 50x50) so its killing me whoops
??? Hi I have (undiagnosed) short term memory loss and I have issues with names and faces and who did what and I forget a lot of stuff so please tolerate me and I'll really really appreciate it uh
I usually remember typed conversations because things I can see and type/write stick more than things I say so if i ever repeat stories or say things again and again or pitch you the same concept over and over or like,, ask about some conversation we didnt have or forget your name or associate you with something else or anything like that I am so sorry.
Its not something i control and its not something I can fix its really really hard to remember things and not jumble everything up and its been getting a lot worse lately and i love you all please ve tolerant of me

also i have big issues with not associating things with words or people so if i ever blurt out or type a word in a sentence that seems unrelated its because im trying to draw ties so i can remember because not remembering can be really scary and im trying to assocate everything im really sorry i didnt think it would get this bad


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